CSWIP Welding Inspection

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CSWIP Welding Inspection courses are the primary courses for welding inspection, with well over 60.000 Welding Inspectors trained worldwide. This year, Lasinstituut started a collaboration with DT-Welding, the only Dutch certified TWI agent. TWI stands for The Welding Institute, and is one of the largest institutions (if not the largest) worldwide regarding welding, joing and engineering. CSWIP is divided into three levels:

During these courses you will be trained in the theoratical as well as the practical part of Welding Inspection. Among other things you will learn to:

  • Recognise flaws and imperfections in joints and welds
  • Draft and document inspection reports
  • Inspect materials that are being used for welding activities
  • Interpret drawings and relevant symbols
  • Recognise characteristics of commonly used welding processes
  • Carry out visual inspection of welds

For more information regarding the CSWIP courses, prices and scheduled dates, contact our office via info@lasinstituut.nl or give us a call +31 (0)88-1344555.